Metal Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds add a touch of elegant simplicity to any window.  The horizontal slats are one fo the most effective ways of controlling light as they can be tilted to provide the exact degree of privacy or shading.  Our Metal Venetian Blinds are made from high grade aluminium making them light and hard wearing.  They come with colour co-ordinated mild steel headrails and are available in a plethora of different colours and finishes.  If you have decided you want to furnish your window with a Metal Venetian Blind then you will most certainly find the perfect colour and finish to suit your style.

Most popular in a kitchen or a bathroom you can install your Metal venetian Blind in any room in your home.  If you are looking for conservatory blinds or patio door metal venetian blinds you might, however, want to consider our Perfect Fit Metal Venetians which have the same effect but are attached to the frame of your door or window, fitted in to the bead around the glass which enable you to open and close the windows/doors without raising the blind.

Have a look at our measuring guidelines to ensure you are measuring correctly whether you are opting for the standard Metal Venetian Blind or our Perfect Fit Venetian Blind.  There are slightly different methods here so if you are in doubt or need any help then please contact our Great Blinds team on 0844 880 2084.  Then all you need to do is choose from all of the metal slats available.  

Start by finding your perfect Aluminium Venetian Blind here.  

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