Perfect Fit Roller Blind

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds are a fantastic innovation providing not only enhanced privacy and insulation but there are safe by design, stylish and practical.  The Perfect Fit frame hugs the window tightly, covering any light gaps and they are ideal if you are looking for conservatory blinds, skylight window blinds, tilt and turn window blinds and even blinds for patio doors.  They are a great solution for the aforementioned window and door styles as you can open and close the windows and doors without having to raise the blinds.  

Available in a great many colours ways the Perfect Fit Roller Blind is completely safe by design with no dangling cords and is therefore a fantastic family friendly solution and a great option for a childs bedroom.  

Measuring for your Perfect Fit Roller Blind is slightly different than measuring for a traditional blind.  If you are unsure please refer to our measuring guidelines page and scroll down to the Perfect Fit Measuring Guidelines.  Essentially all you need to do is take the visible glass measurment for all of the doors and windows and also measure the glass depth to establish which Perfect Fit brackets you need.

Now the tricky bit.. choosing which colour is perfect for you.  

Start building your Perfect Fit Roller Blind here.
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