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Choose Your Skylight Blind Type

If you have VELUX® windows in your home and you are looking for some roof window blinds then Great Blinds have a range of options available to you. Our range of blackout skylight blinds and non-blackout skylight blinds come in a variety of designs and fabrics for all sizes of VELUX ® window, Fakro Window, Rooflite window or Keylite window.


Great Blinds offers a range of blackout roof blinds and non-blackout roof blinds. Blackout roof blinds are perfect for those spaces where you are looking to achieve total darkness on closing the blind. This could be the perfect option for children’s bedroom and for those of you who need full darkness to achieve the perfect sleep. Non-blackout skylight blinds have light filtering properties , and provide privacy and reduce glare. We also have some waterproof skylight blinds in our blackout roof blind section, which are perfect in a loft bathroom or wet-room. The choice is yours!


Measuring for your roof blind is easy. You will either find the code for your window on a metal plate around the inner edge of the window frame. The first part of the code consists of 3 to 5 letters, which indicates the type of window you have, this is then followed by another code (numbers, letters or both) and this indicates the size of the window. Alternatively, if you cannot locate a code then you can always measure the visible glass to see whether this matches one of the blind sizes we have available.


Made to fit most sizes of Velux window, our skylight blinds are easy to install and are great value. We will also be offering genuine VELUX ® blinds here soon and are one of VELUX’s ® official trading partners.


Because these blinds can often be awkward to reach we also offer skylight blind poles to enable you to open and close your roof window blind with ease and very soon you will also be able to get an electric skylight blind from Great Blinds.

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