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Blind Chain PositionBack to top

Select on which side of your blind you would like your open and close controls

Blind FixingBack to top

Depending on your room and where you are fitting your blind you can choose whether you need top fix brackets or face fix brackets.  Top fix brackets enable you to fit a blind to the ceiling or the top of a window recess wheras face fix brackets enable you to afix your blind to the wall.

Horizon Blind OperationBack to top

As standard the chain control will raise and lower the blind as well as filter the amount of privacy being created.  The blind can also be fitted with an electric motor for remote operation at the touch of a button.  The is the ultimate in convenience and child safety.  The electrically operated system is available with a 12v DC motor that is situated within the cassette.  There are two options with this system via a transformer into the mains or via a battery pack that sits beind the cassette, hidden from view which simply plugs into the head of the motor.  This system comes with a single channel radio remote control and comes at a premium of £298.

Horizon Blinds Chain ColourBack to top

Select which colour chain you would prefer for your Horizon Blind.  There is a choice between chrome and brass.

Horizon Blinds Control SideBack to top

Select on which side of the blind you would like the chain operation.

Horizon Fascia and Bottom BarBack to top

In the fully raised position your blind is concealed neatly under a cassette, adding style to your window treatment.  The cassette, the bottom bar and the other components are available in 5 colours so it is easy to find an option to match or contrast with your decor.

Measuring GuidelinesBack to top

Measuring Guidelines for Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Wooden Venetian Blinds, Metal Venetian Blinds and Sliding Panel Blinds

Inside Recess

If you would like to fit your blind inside your window recess then just measure inside of wall to inside of wall in millimetres.  Do this in several places in case the wall is not straight and enter the smallest measurement in the 'Width' measurements box in the blind builder. Then just measure the top of the reveal to window sill, as above, and enter this measurement into the 'Height' measurement box.

We make a small deduction depending on your blind type from the width and height of an inside recess blind to allow for easy fitting.  


Tick inside recess in the Measurements and Position section in Step 1.


Outside Recess



You can always fit your blind outside your window recess.  Simply measure the area you would like your blind to cover.  Normally we recommend that this is 50mm (millimetre) overlap on each side of your recess – but this is just a guide and you may wish to change this.  Please measure carefully and double check.  We will then make your blind to your exact sizes.

Please note that if you are measuring for a roller blind that you need to give us the fabric size that you need.  Don't forget, however, that the assembled fitted width will be approximately 30mm (millimetre) wider to allow for the brackets.

Tick outside recess in the Measurements and Positions section.


Note: Always use a steel tape measure for accuracy and please provide metric measurements (in millimetres).  
If you are unsure and require any advice regarding measuring for your blind please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Metal Venetian OperationBack to top

As standard your blind will be made with the tilt controls on the left hand side and the raise/lower controls on the right hand side although you can amend this and change the side of the raise/lower control and/or the tilt control.

Metal Venetian Slat SizeBack to top

Currently we are only offering our metal venetian blinds and our Perfect Fit metal venetian blinds in a 25mm slat size

Panel Blind OperationBack to top

Your panel blind as standard is wand operated but this can be upgraded to the uber stylish and luxurious electric operation to enable you to operated your blinds remotely.

Perfect Fit Blinds Bracket SizeBack to top

To determine which sized brackets you need for your Perfect Fit blind - follow the measuring guidelines to determine the glass depth (in millimetres) and then select the sized bracket closest to this measurement.

Perfect Fit Blinds Frame ColourBack to top

Depending on the colour of your window surround should determine which frame you opt for.  The most popular is for white frames to fit most standard uPVC windows and doors although we do offer a brown frame and a Golden Oak frame.

Perfect Fit Measurement GuidelinesBack to top

Measuring Guidelines for Perfect Fit Roller Blinds, Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds and Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds


Perfect Fit Pleated, Venetian and Roller blinds are designed for most uPVC windows, doors and conservatory sides.  Perfect fit Blinds are easy to measure and install and the Perfect Fit frame fits to brackets located between the window seal and glazing. 


Before you begin, ensure there is a 6mm clearance all around the outside of the window beading to allow enough room for the Perfect Fit framework.  

6mm Clearance  Also check that the seals of the window frame do not protrude over the glass more than 6mm and that they are
  compressible. You can then take a bead to bead measurement.
  If the seals are not compressible (solid) and do not protrude over the glass by more than 6mm you can then take a seal to
  seal measurement.

Measuring Instructions

Step 1 - Measure glass size

Visible Glass

Measure the width (left to right) and the drop (top to bottom) of your window size accurately. We recommend that you measure in both corners and the middle of your window and use the smallest size taken.  You are measuring the visible glass size here. Please take these measurements in millimetres for accuracy.

Step 2 - Measure window depth

Measure the depth of the window using a ruler/straight edge and a tape measure.

Glass DepthThis gives you the measurement from the face of the window frame to the glass (this is normally approximately 20mm, 24mm or 30mm) and will determine the size of the window fixing brackets you will use.  

If you are not sure then please get in touch by calling us on 0844 880 2084 or emailing

Perfect Fit Packing PieceBack to top

These pieces are small lifts which enable you to fit the blind and still have free movement behind any door/window handles.  What you would do in this instance is remove the door/window handle and place the packing piece between the frame and the handle raising it further off the frame and enabling the blind to open and close without obstruction.  These ar not always necessary but are available.

Perfect Fit Venetian OperationBack to top

Decide on which side of your blind you would like the tilt control to sit

Perfect Fit Venetian Tab OperationBack to top

Perfect Fit Metal Venetian blinds now come as standard with a tabbed operation making them a completely child safe option.  There are no raise/lower cords only tabs to enable this movement.

Roller Blind Chain ColourBack to top

It's up to you!  Choose a plastic white chain for the operation of your blind or opt for a nickel chain.

Roller Blind Roll OptionBack to top

As standard our roller blinds are made with the fabric coming off the back of the roller blind, but this can also be reversed where the fabric comes off the front of the roller barrel.  If you would prefer that your blind is reverse rolled then please select Reverse in the Roll Option.

Roman Blind LiningBack to top

All of our Roman Blinds come with a standard lining which is 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton.  If you would your Roman Blind to feel more luxurious you can also opt for your Roman Blind to be interlined for a small additional cost.

Roman Blind Lining StyleBack to top

Our Roman Blinds all come with a standard 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton lining which can be upgraded to a Blackout lining for an additional cost.  Blackout lining on Roman Blinds is great for bedrooms particularly in the Summer months where the days are longer.

Roman Blind OperationBack to top

If you would like your Roman Blind operated by the more traditional corded system which needs to be cleated off to enable the blind to stay open at the desired height, the select Cord.

If, however, you would like your Roman Blind controlled by a chain then select this option.  The chain operation is not the standard function and will incur a minor premium.

Sliding Panel Blind Stack StylingBack to top

You can choose whether you would like you panel blind on being fully open to have all panels stacking to the left or to the right.

Vertical Blind Stack SideBack to top

You can choose whether you would like you panel blind on being fully open to have all panels stacking to the left, to the right or whether they open like a traditional curtain with half going to the left and half opening to the right.  Equally you can also opt for them to open with the vanes gathering in the middle of the headrail, leaving the ends open. 

Wooden Venetian Blind OperationBack to top

As standard your blind will be made with the tilt controls on the left hand side and the raise/lower controls on the right hand side although you can amend this and change the side of the raise/lower control and/or the tilt control.

Wooden Venetian Blind Styling Slat SizeBack to top

Depending on the type of slat you have chosen you may also be able to choose the width of your slat.  Most slats come in a 50mm width with some being available in both 35mm and 25mm slats too.

Wooden Venetian Blinds Styling - TapesBack to top

As standard our wooden venetian blinds are made with the slates linked by cords which also provide the functionality.  For a more colonial look, and at a slight premium, you can opt for tapes instead of cords.  The tapes are colour co-ordinated with the wood and as standard are 19mm wide for a 25mm slat, 25mm wide for a 35mm slat and 25mm or 38mm wide for a 50mm slat.  
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